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Eye Diagnostics in Calgary

Ophthalmologists can perform a variety of tests to protect you from harmful eye disorders. These examinations can aid in the early detection and management of diseases that can affect the health of your eyes as well as your overall health. Many of these tests look for glaucoma and retinal diseases, including macular degeneration.

At the offices of Dr. Khosla, we are able to conduct all of the following diagnostics:

  • Visual field testing
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Retinal imaging
  • Gonioscopy
  • Visual field testing
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Retinal imaging
  • Gonioscopy
  • Tonometry - Contact/Non Contact/ Applanation 

If you are a doctor or eye care professional looking to refer patients to an eye specialist, our many offices are accepting new patients on a referral basis. For urgent eye problems, we also offer a self-referral process for individuals. Contact us today to learn more about our eye diagnostics in Calgary.

Visual Field Testing in Calgary

This testing helps diagnose glaucoma, determine how bad it is, and helps to monitor the disease. The visual field test measures your central and peripheral vision using procedures such as light spot in different areas of your peripheral vision. Dr. Khosla will get the visual field tests done as soon as glaucoma is suspected, evaluating any related issues, including vision loss, damage to your visual pathways, or optic nerve diseases. After glaucoma is diagnosed, your visual field data is used to determine how severe the disease is. Follow-up visual field testing is necessary to determine if the disease worsens over time.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

This diagnostic procedure involves non-invasive image testing; it uses light waves to take cross-section pictures of your retina. All of your retina’s layers are visible with OCT, which allows Dr. Khosla to map and measure the layers’ thicknesses. These measurements, in turn, help to diagnose and provide treatment plans for glaucoma and retinal diseases.

Eye Tips for Adults 40-60

Early signs of glaucoma can begin midlife but don’t affect your vision until later. Learn the signs early.

Dr. Deepak Khosla M.D.

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