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Laser Eye Treatments in Calgary

Dr. Khosla offers laser treatments at some of his offices to correct and prevent glaucoma, and we provide treatment for after cataracts. Our laser treatments can be done right here in our office by Dr. Khosla, assisted by our highly trained, professional staff. Our laser treatments include:

YAG Laser Peripheral Iridotomy – this treatment is used in patients with or at risk for angle-closure glaucoma. This condition can cause pressure to build up in the eye, blocking fluid drainage from the eye which causes eye pressure to increase even more dramatically. The cornea can become cloudy; the eye will be very red and can cause severe pain. The laser peripheral iridotomy procedure will lower eye pressure by placing a tiny microscopic hole in the iris to allow the excess pressure to escape.

YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy – this procedure is used in patients who have cataracts. About 20% of patients who have cataract surgery will develop haze on the membrane behind the intraocular lens (IOL) implant. This can result in diminished vision, which can include blurred or hazy vision or significant glare and loss of visual acuity. In the YAG laser capsulotomy procedure, a laser is used to create an opening in the hazy capsule that sits behind the IOL implant which allows you to see more clearly.

If you are an eye care professional or doctor needing to refer patients for the above procedures, please call our office or fill out the referral form. We work to get patients scheduled quickly. All consultation appointments are made within one month. Contact us today with any questions about our laser eye treatments in Calgary.

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Eye Tips for Adults Over 60

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