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Welcome  to  Calgary  Eye  Specialist – Ophthalmologist Clinic in Calgary

Dr. Khosla offers general and comprehensive ophthalmic consultations on any eye concern or issue for patients of all ages. With many years of experience, Dr. Khosla will diagnose these eye problems and help to manage the condition. Our team is available for consultations at various locations in Calgary, Airdrie, and Cochrane.

No referrals needed. Patients can directly schedule their appointment.
Most services covered by AHS.

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Call- 403-474-0025, Text- 403-399-0971.

Email: info@calgaryeyespecialist.ca

Multilingual office

Besides English, our staff speaks Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic & Tagalog.

Flexible hours

Open on Weekends & evenings.


We offer multitude of services under one roof.

After Hours Care Access
Care after regular working hours


All of the following services are being offered at our Deerfoot City Mall location. Call 403-474-0025 or text 403-399-0971 or email at info@calgaryeyespecialist.ca.

Any eye emergency is immediately attended to whether referred or walk in.

Full exam including clinical examination & diagnostic tests.

Eye screening for newborn, infants and children.

Get screened for eye diseases before you have any symptoms.

We can perform a variety of tests to protect you from harmful eye disorders.

Dry eye diagnosis & treatment.

We offer laser treatments to correct and prevent glaucoma and for treatment of after cataracts.

Visual rehabilitation is utilizing the remaining vision to the fullest extent - Coming soon

Diabetes can damage the inner portion of the eye (retina) & is a high-risk factor for glaucoma & cataract. Regular checkups are recommended.

Various options are available for Myopia (nearsightedness) management.

Glaucoma is called a silent thief. It takes away your peripheral vision ultimately resulting in blindness. Early detection is key to preserve your sight.

Eye check ups available for ocular migraine (flashing simmering lights, zig-zag lines or stars).

Pre-op & post-op cataract management.

We offer certain ocular aesthetic procedures (Botox, fillers, lasers) - Coming soon

Occupational eye exams for RCMP, Police, Aviation, Driving, Sea Farers, etc.

Early detection of ocular & visual side effects from systemic drugs.

Sometimes minor operative procedures must be done to correct eye problems and prevent further health issues.

Scleral Lenses are a specialty contact lens that covers the entire corneal surface (or sclera) of the eye, rather than just the cornea as conventional contacts do- Coming soon

Vision Therapy is an individualized neuro-optometric program designed to improve and treat visual function - Coming soon

Consult us today for the best options for removing your glasses.

Have you surgical consult done by Calgary eye surgeons right in our clinic here

After your consult for an eye operation, all pre-op workup, tests, and post-op care after surgery will be done in our clinic.

We offer diagnosis and medical treatment of retinal conditions with our advanced diagnostic technology


Dr. Deepak Khosla
Dr. Rupaly Toor
Joleen Saliba
Manager, Eye Specialist Clinics

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