5 Tips to Protect Your Eyes During Firework Displays at the Calgary Stampede

Summer is finally here, and the Calgary Stampede is just a few days away. Apart from the rodeos, food, and the Stampede Parade, fireworks are a highlight of the Calgary Stampede, lighting up the sky with vibrant colors and explosive sounds. While these displays are beautiful, they can be risky for your eyes. Therefore, it’s essential to take precautions. Here are five key tips to protect your eyes during fireworks displays.

1. Wear Protective Eyewear

To begin with, always wear protective eyewear during fireworks. Safety goggles that meet CSA standards are highly recommended. Moreover, these goggles shield your eyes from flying debris and sparks. Importantly, look for goggles made from polycarbonate for the best protection. Whether watching or handling fireworks, protective eyewear is crucial.

For more information on eye safety, check out the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS).

2. Keep a Safe Distance

In addition, maintain a safe distance from the fireworks. Experts suggest standing at least 500 feet away. By staying farther back, you significantly reduce your risk of injury. Furthermore, a safe distance gives you a better view of the fireworks. This way, you enjoy the display and stay safe.

For additional firework safety guidelines, visit Canada Safety Council.

3. Avoid Handling Fireworks

Furthermore, never attempt to handle fireworks yourself. Even if they seem inactive, they can still be dangerous.

Let professionals manage the fireworks, as they are trained for it. Importantly, educate children and others about the risks of touching fireworks. Avoiding direct contact is a vital safety measure.

Learn more about keeping kids safe around fireworks from Safe Kids Worldwide.

4. Attend Professional Firework Shows

Additionally, opt for professional firework displays whenever possible. Organized shows, like those at the Calgary Stampede, are much safer. These events are conducted under strict safety protocols by trained professionals. Therefore, attending these shows minimizes the risk of eye injuries. Enjoy the spectacle safely by choosing professional displays.

To explore the full schedule of fireworks at the Calgary Stampede, visit the official Stampede website.

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5. Seek Immediate Medical Attention for Eye Injuries

Finally, seek immediate medical help if an eye injury occurs. The Calgary Eye Specialist Clinic can provide emergency care for such injuries. Prompt treatment is crucial to prevent long-term damage. If you experience pain or blurred vision, contact a healthcare professional immediately. Quick action can make a significant difference in recovery.

For emergency eye care services, you can find more information from Alberta Health Services or visit the Calgary Eye Specialist Clinic.


To sum up, firework displays at the Calgary Stampede are spectacular but can be dangerous for your eyes. Follow these five tips to protect your vision: wear protective eyewear, keep a safe distance, avoid handling fireworks, attend professional shows, and seek immediate medical attention if needed. Prioritize your eye safety and enjoy the fireworks responsibly. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Calgary Eye Specialist Clinic.

For more health and safety tips, check out the Canadian Red Cross’s guide on public event safety.

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