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To refer a patient to Dr. Khosla, please fill out our referral form. Our offices provide many specialty eye services in Calgary that can help diagnose eye conditions and treat them. If you have questions about our referral process, please see the frequently asked questions on this page to help answer common issues. Also, feel free to contact our office to speak to a member of our team.

  1. All appointments are booked within one month.
  2. Dr. Khosla is available on weekends.
  3. Evening appointments are available until 8pm on weekdays.
  4. Dr. Khosla is available at various locations across the city.
  5. Minimum appointment waiting time.
  6. Dr. Khosla believes in co-management and collaborative care with other physicians and optometrists
  7. Education of the eye condition takes priority during the consultation with Dr. Khosla

Fax or submit the E-referral form given below.

Call, fax, or email the Main clinic at DFC Mall


Call the respective satellite clinic.

Consultations are booked within one month.

E-Referrals Form

Flexible hours- for your convenience, we are open evenings and weekends.

    General ReviewGlaucoma AssessmentDiabetic CheckupPaediatric ReviewMedical ConditionDry Eye ManagementLaser TreatmentElectro diagnosticsEye Lid lesionsLow Vision RehabilitationOcular Aesthetics

    PainTearingRed EyeOcular DeviationDecreased VisionDischargeFloatersForeign Body SensationItchy/Dry EyesEyelid swellingBurning SensationFlashes of LightDouble visionMigrain

    Herpes SimplexHerpes ZosterAtopic DermatitisAtopic EczemaAnklyosing SpondylitisSystemic Lupus ErythematosusNeurofibromatosisRheumatoid ArthritisSarcoidosisSjogrens SyndromeHypertensionOcclusive Vascular DiseaseArterial Spasm (TIA)Sickle cell diseaseEndocarditisDiabetes MellitusThyroid DiseaseCrohn’s DiseaseVitamin A DeficiencyMyasthenia GravisMarfan’s Syndrome

    PlaquenilFlomaxSynthyroidCorticosteroidsAmiodaroneImitrexDigoxinEthambutolPhenothiazineAcne MedicationAnti-coagulantsAllopurinol

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