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What is the best care for your eyes?

Eye Care Professional Calgary

Caring for Your Vision

Eye care professional, Dr. Deepak Khosla, will guide you on how to maintain your eye health and vision throughout all phases of your life. He will provide valuable insights and advice to ensure your eyes stay in the best possible condition.

Babies, Children & Teenagers

You can protect your children’s eyes and vision by scheduling vision screenings throughout your child’s development. Regular vision screenings that start at a young age are the best way to chart your child’s progress and spot potential vision problems early.

Young Adults

For most teenagers, following a healthy, balanced diet and maintaining regular eye appointments can help them stay at the forefront of their eye health.

Adults 40 – 60

For many people, it’s this period when eye problems will occur, which makes regular appointments with a vision professional so critical. Some vision problems may develop without immediate symptoms. Still, a baseline eye examination around your 40th birthday can give your ophthalmologist the information he or she needs to monitor your vision as you grow older.

Adults 60+

Vision screenings become much more critical as you age. Our clinic will help you learn how you can care for your eyesight. A regular screening from Dr. Deepak Kholsa will identify any eye issues and keep you updated with your treatment options.

Paying attention to your diet, your sun exposure, and your smoking habits are just some of the ways you can keep your vision strong as you age. For more information or to schedule a vision examination in Calgary, contact Dr. Deepak Khosla today.

From the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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